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On Flickr: Phantasy Star print ad

Phantasy Star print ad

Phantasy Star print ad

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I was in the Nintendo camp during the 80s, so I didn’t get much exposure to the Sega Master System. Phantasy Star has always been highly spoken of, so maybe it’s time to track down a copy!

R-Type Exhibit in Japanese Playstation Home virtual world

R-Type's fleet

Hop right in and take it for a spin!

If you have access to Japan’s Playstation Home virtual world, be sure to stop by Irem’s area and check out this R-Type exhibit they recently set up. You can look at some of the fighter ships, play a demo game, purchase R-Type games for your PSP or Playstation, or decorate your Home apartment with R-Type ship models.

Virtual Tour of METEOR has put up a quick video tour of the Japanese retro video game shop METEOR. Check it out and pretend you’re spending all of your Christmas money!

Advertisement: Kickle Cubicle

Kick some Cubicle

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The poster looks silly, but actually Kickle Cubicle is a pretty fun game. It’s a puzzler along the lines of Adventures of Lolo.

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Segata Sanshiro Action Figure

Segata Sanshiro!

Segata Sanshiro - one of the best console mascots in history.

Sega Toys manufactured this tribute to the Sega Saturn mascot — the least they could do after he sacrificed his life to save the company’s executives from a missile attack — some time around 1998. Though the packaging has English text like “He Became Legend” scattered around, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in any North American shop.

The back of the box reads: “SEGATA SANSHIRO is an authority of justice who guides young men to SEGASATURN Do. He hates to things by halves! In pursuit of SEGASATURN Do, he practices asceticism and keeps challenging various things day and night!!”

I want one so I can go forth and challenge various things day and night!


Soviet Video Game Posters – “Turnip”



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In Soviet Russia, Arcade plays YOU!

Check out the rest of the set for more vintage Soviet Arcade Game posters.

Twelve Unique Arcade Cabinets has up a gallery of unique arcade cabinets that were unique for their day.

During the golden age of video arcade games, arcades were blowing up and reaching all new levels of popularity in the states. However, in the mid 1980s the fad suddenly came to a halt with the production of home computers and home video game consoles which assured players that they would never need to leave the house or burn quarters to play their favorite games.

Hologram Time Traveler arcade cabinet

Hologram Time Traveler arcade cabinet

I remember playing Hologram Time Traveler once in a nearby arcade when I was a kid. While unique in presentation, I didn’t find it that interesting. I think most people in the area agreed with me, as it was pretty much neglected by patrons for Smash TV and Street Fighter II.