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Japan-only SFC game to hit NA Wii VC

Overheard at Silicon Era, it looks like Nintendo is finally toying with the idea of bringing previously Japan-Only titles to the North American Virtual Console. NOA appears to be testing the water with Do Re Mi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daiboken, the 16-bit sequel to the Famicom classic Meikyuu Kumikyoku (a.k.a. Milon’s Secret Castle). A brief overview from Moby Games:

A young boy named Milon sets off to save Alis, his fairy friend, after she was captured by the evil sorcerer Amon. He later learns that the only way to defeat Amon is by collecting five legendary instruments which Amon has stolen. The sorcerer placed a curse on these instruments so that their true powers cannot be used and then left them in the hands of his minions. The only way to lift the curse is by collecting five stars.

Armed with only his bubble shooter, Milon must retrieve the legendary instruments, lift their curses and use their powers to defeat Amon and rescue Alis.

DoReMi Fantasy title DoReMi Fantasy screen

I’m glad to see NOA finally figure this out and test the waters of bringing over non-NA releases to the Wii VC. This should have been a feature of the VC since day 1 (and the ability to download DS demo software instead of going to a kiosk in a game store, but I digress). Here’s hoping we’ll see a Gradius 2 release sometime!

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