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NES Contra III

It’s amazing what some individuals can accomplish with antique hardware. Someone managed to recreate the first level of the SNES game Contra III: The Alien Wars / Contra Spirits in a form playable on an NES emulator.

SNES original:

NES port:

Spotted at Silicon Era.

  • this is merely an unlicensed chinese game that ripped off the sprites of the original contra. it was actually released for the console and sold for cheap profit by cashing in on the brand name. the nes saw so many of those unlicensed games that this is nothing out of the extraordinary. other games i remember that used ripped sprites and stolen names were street fighter 2 and mortal kombat for nes. compared to this contra version however, they sucked big time. at least contra seems to have quite good gameplay. anyway, nice to see a direct comparison between the snes and nes version. this is a great way of showing how much more powerful the snes really was

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