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R-Type: Dimensions Review at TBBPS

One of the most difficult shmup games from the arcades is the R-Type series. While it has seen several home conversions over the years, R-Type: Dimensions for XBox Live Arcade adds several new elements to the port, including a pseudo-3D view and higher-resolution sprites.

There's hard games, and then there's R-Type.

There's hard games, and then there's R-Type.

A portion of a review at The Bits Bytes Pixels Sprites:

Going hand-in-hand with the updated visuals comes the “Crazy” view-mode. When this mode is enabled, the camera swoops 45 degrees so that you can see both the side and the back of your ship. The controls stay the same despite the change in the viewing-angle. Like the 3D revamp, the new angle doesn’t impress; in fact, it hinders the gameplay. The game becomes harder (and more frustrating) to play. Let’s face facts – the last thing R-Type needs is more difficulty.

I prefer either MAME emulation or the R-Types PS1 port for these incredibly difficult games. The new additions in Dimensions aren’t that interesting to me, but the price can’t be argued with.

  • hey , this might be a random request but i was trying to reinstall Myst today and i was thinking about computer games from the 90s.

    Do you remember a game where you were chased through a maze by a robot? in an alien ship or something? i have no idea if you have any idea about this , but i have been search for along time for this game and was wondering if you could give me information?

  • Thre were a lot of games like that. Do you remember anything else about it, like if it was a top-down perspective, first-person perspective, if you had any weapons or if you were just trying to outrun the robot?

  • Wow really ? no i guess i cannot really remember , but uh first person and i think you just tried to outrun it , although i remember having some sort of map where you could see the dot for the robot.

    i remembered it after reading a foxtrot comic strip in which he referenced a game like it , in which he called it “Iron mysticus” but he changes the names of most the games he mentions so it might be off .

    oh and i busted out myst after reading about it on your blog here haha, its been awhile.

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