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Interview with Kinuyo Yamashita

Original Sound Version has a fascinating interview with Kinuyo Yamashita, composer of the original Castlevania game score. In the interview, she touches on the creation process, her other work, and her inspirations.

OSV: How were you discovered by Konami? And how was it working for them? I believe you were employed by Konami for 2 years, correct?

Yamashita: So, I was about to graduate from my college and was looking for a job. There was a consultation office of employment opportunities, so I went there. I initially was looking to do hardware designing for musical instruments, but they could not find any of those for females. Then the officer recommended Konami saying “Their music department is looking for someone to work.” I must admit that I did not really know what Konami was, but I gave a shot because it was a music job after all. Konami’s entrance exam was really difficult. If I remember correctly, I think there was like up to the 4th exam. I finally got the job after passing all those tough exams. I was placed into the acoustic effect research lab, and that was when I met the Famicom for the first time. I tried a number of games there. The first project I was assigned to was Akumajou Dracula on Famicom Disk System, or Castlevania in the west. That was also the first composing experience for me.

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