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Nintendo “Ball” Game & Watch LCD Reissued

Much better than a Mario hat.

Much better than a Mario hat.

For many years Nintendo of Japan has had a customer rewards program called Club Nintendo. As you buy Nintendo products you earn points that can be redeemed for premium items direct from Nintendo. If you earn over a certain amount of points in one year, you are awarded different status levels, with Platinum being the highest at a 400 point threshold.

This year’s Platinum reward is a reissue of Nintendo’s first Game & Watch hand-held, Ball. Gold status members aren’t left out in the cold – they have earned a pretty spiffy 2010 calendar. These rewards only apply to Japanese customers, as Nintendo’s North American and European branches have their own rewards program. Speaking of which, did you order the Mario cap or the Punch Out!! minigame?

Spotted on RetroThing.

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