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Nintendo Life reviews Retro Bit’s Retro Duo

NES, Game Boy (via Super Game Boy), and SNES in one package!

NES, Game Boy (via Super Game Boy), and SNES in one package!

Nintendo Life-Retro has recently reviewed the Retro Duo console, with the results sounding pretty good. It’s a compact system that will play NES (North American and European carts only, no Famicom games because of a different pin-out) and SNES cartridges (North American, European and Japanese carts will fit). Supposedly compatibility is improved over previous “Fami-Clones”, but details about which games still have trouble is unfortunately missing.

The Retro Duo provides composite video output for both NES and SNES, with the ability to output S-Video for SNES only. The included SNES-style controllers are removable, if you prefer to use your own SNES controllers. All in all, sounds pretty decent for $40.

The Retro Duo isn’t 100% perfect by any means and according to reports there are some games which still stubbornly refuse to run, but for the most part the compatibility is excellent. It even accepts the Super Game Boy device (for playing handheld Game Boy titles) and the Game Genie cheat cartridge – two items which have confounded previous FamiClones.

  • wow…now i’ve seen everything! the idea of combining these two consoles is really cool. it kind of reminds me of the 8bit adapter that sega released for the mega drive to enable playback of master system games – something that i always felt nintendo should have delivered too for the nes. the super game boy was a step in that direction – a great piece of hardware which in the end i used more often than original snes games. still, i wonder why nintendo never released a nes-converter…

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