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“It’s 8:35 a.m. on a Sunday morning…”

“…and I’m lost in Norfair.” Thus begins one of the best discussions I have read on what makes Metroid and Super Metroid so good. And then, something curious happens. A bomb placed haphazardly at the bottom of a vertical shaft explodes… and takes with it a chunk of the floor. This surprises me, because while […]

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R-Type: Dimensions Review at TBBPS

One of the most difficult shmup games from the arcades is the R-Type series. While it has seen several home conversions over the years, R-Type: Dimensions for XBox Live Arcade adds several new elements to the port, including a pseudo-3D view and higher-resolution sprites. A portion of a review at The Bits Bytes Pixels Sprites: […]

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Review: An Obscure Game For An Obscure System

You can’t get much more obscure than a Japan-only game for the NeoGeo Pocket Color. Check out Adam’s review of Delta Warp at As an avid retro gamer, every now and then I come across a game by accident that really stands out. Often I check Google for more information on such games. It […]

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