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Hudson Releasing Import “Gradius II” on Wii VC

Hudson has been giving the Wii a lof of love with their Turbo-Grafx 16 Virtual Console offerings, and it’s great to see. The TG-16 never acheived much of a foothold in the US, and there were many excellent titles never released on these shores. Thankfully Hudson has been releasing several import-only titles to the US […]

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Power Up with Archimendes Ramen!

Gradius is one of the great classic shmups. Originally an arcade title, it has been ported to several home and portable systems, including the Famicom. These ports are all fairly common. So why would someone be asking $400 for a Famicom Gradius? Because it’s a limited, contest prize promotional version that advertised a brand of […]

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Gradius Rebirth Stage 1

via I’ll definitely be picking this one up! The boss entrance is awesome!

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