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R-Type Exhibit in Japanese Playstation Home virtual world

If you have access to Japan’s Playstation Home virtual world, be sure to stop by Irem’s area and check out this R-Type exhibit they recently set up. You can look at some of the fighter ships, play a demo game, purchase R-Type games for your PSP or Playstation, or decorate your Home apartment with R-Type […]

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R-Type: Dimensions Review at TBBPS

One of the most difficult shmup games from the arcades is the R-Type series. While it has seen several home conversions over the years, R-Type: Dimensions for XBox Live Arcade adds several new elements to the port, including a pseudo-3D view and higher-resolution sprites. A portion of a review at The Bits Bytes Pixels Sprites: […]

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Shooting Video Game History Collection 2

Following on their popular Shooting Video Game History Collection, Yujin has second collection of shooting game history gashapon. Included in this collection are Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone, the R-90 Ragnarok from R-Type III, the R-Gray1 from Raystorm, Gaia from Star Luster and GeoSword from Star Blade. It’s a shame that by the time I […]

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