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Segata Sanshiro Action Figure

Sega Toys manufactured this tribute to the Sega Saturn mascot — the least they could do after he sacrificed his life to save the company’s executives from a missile attack — some time around 1998. Though the packaging has English text like “He Became Legend” scattered around, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in […]

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SEGA Hardware Memorial Zippos

Zippo has a history of making commemorative lighters, and these two sold by Banpresto are definitely impressive. Celebrating SEGA’s hardware history, the lighter maker has produced two designs – the Mega Drive (Genesis in the US) and the Saturn. At about $100 US each they’re not cheap, but are totally awesome. Spotted at RetroThing.

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Sega Saturn Backpack

Spotted at In other Saturn news, fansite Segatastic noticed that Enterbrain’s Sega Store has brought back its Saturn-shaped backpacks, over ten years after the company stopped production for the actual console. The nylon bag sells for a ridiculous $72 (¥7,140), and is only available in the less exciting and not-at-all rare color of gray […]

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